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Please View Before Your First Visit

Coming in for your first session with a therapist can be nerve racking. You mind may be racing with thoughts like "will I like them?", "will they like me?" Can they really help, will they really understand?". My goal is to make your first session as comfortable as possible. We will go at your pace, discuss what you feel comfortable with, I want to begin to create a relationship in which you feel able to talk about anything. 

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Individual Counseling

The first individual visit with your therapist  will be about an hour long. This is the time for us to get to know each other better, as well as get all the paperwork out of the way. If you have already completed the paperwork provided below, we can cut that portion out and just briefly go over it. We will discuss your family, your job, what you like to do in your free time any past treatment, what brought you in as well as anything else you feel I should know about you to get a better understanding of who you are as a person. Together we will begin to create a plan for your treatment and explore what you would like to accomplish during your time in counseling. This first session gives us the opportunity to gather history and make a plan for the future. It also allows you to better judge if I am the right counselor for you.

The subsequent sessions will be about 45 minutes in length and will allow us to further explore what brought you in and how to get to the place in your life you want to be. It will be the time in which you and I will work towards the goals that you would like to meet and process the issues that brought you in to see me in the first place. We will use different techniques and activities pulled from many different counseling styles to help you through this process. My goal is to create an environment in which you will feel comfortable, non-judged and able to explore your true self.

Couples Counseling

The first session for couples is about 75 mins long. Most often Couples counseling or couples therapy is motivated by a serious problem that seems life-threatening to your relationship. Nobody thinks clearly in the midst of a crisis and so settling things down is priority one. As  counselors We look past the question of who is right, and who is wrong, and instead we will open an exploration of the core issues in your relationship that have led you to the point of seeking help.

As with Individual Therapy We find that the strength of the work is the quality of the relationship you build with your counselor. This trust is essential in allowing you both to participate in the very serious work of trying to make your shared lives better or the decision that the life together is no longer viable. The first goal is to learn to better communicate with eachother. Through better communication couples can learn to build trust, repair damage and strengthen passion. It will also allow them to decide the best course for your realtionship.

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