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So you finally made the decision to seek counseling and now are faced with the daunting task of finding a therapist. The relationship between you and your therapist is something very special. It should make you feel comfortable, safe and be able to allow you tofeel heard and understood in order to obtain the life you want. We take much pride in our ability to form meaningful relationships with our clients, that allow them to become the best versions of themselves. If you are looking for a therapist in the Staten Island area who will not only listen but be activley involved in your counseling process to help you achieve the happiness you deserve, then look no further.

Meet The Therapists

Alicia Raniola LCSW-R - Lead Therapist - South Shore


My Clients tell me I am straightforward, easy to talk to,  funny and honest. I am not a quite therapist I will tell you what I think and why I think it, to better help you in your process.

I do not believe that one style of counseling works universally so each clients treatment is customized to their needs. I draw from different techniques and styles of counseling such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic, and humanistic therapy and tailor them to the needs of my clients. It is not the theories you draw from it is the connection you have that creates a successful therapuetic relationship.

I believe that my style of counseling allows me and my clients to have a special relationship that allows them to reach their fullest potential.

Together we will explore your past, see how it has affected your present, imagine the future and find the way to get there.

Vannessa Mancero - Associate Therapist  -North  ( Bilingual - Spanish Speaker)




My goal as a therapist is to help you find a life worth living. I believe pain is inevitable, but you don't have to suffer through life.
I received my Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from the College of Staten Island in 2012. I'm experienced  in the establishing of safe, non-threatening environment where people may openly express themselves. As a bilingual English/Spanish, empathetic, non-judgmental and knowledgeable Licensed Mental Health Counselor I have worked with many populations, including substance abuse, domestic violence, mood disorders and trauma. I have experience working with all age groups, couples and families. I'm currently in the process of becoming certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Some other modalities I practice include Play therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Family Functional Therapy. I don't believe there is a "one size fits all" when it comes to treatment and I work alongside my clients to find what works best to help them reach their goals."


Laura Hare LMHC-LP - Associate Therapist -South Shore


IMG_5149My therapeutic approach is unique to each individual, as I take the time to understand ones challenges and patiently guide you to your goals. I wish to empower each person I work with to begin to recognize their inner strength, by increasing ones specific coping skills in and outside of the therapy space. Together we can begin to explore the many fragments that create your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  We will discover what is working for you, what is working against you, while creatively preparing for change. The first step to the best version of yourself is self-awareness, and the fact that you’re here reading this paragraph right now means you are ready.



Kaleigh Watson LMSW - LP  - Associate Therapist - South Shore


"Therapy takes courage. Every time a client walks in my door, whether it's for an initial consultation or after a year of weekly sessions, I have great respect for them. My goal is to meet you where you are and help you move in the direction you want to go, providing support and insight along the way. I believe that we are all capable of change and personal growth. However, sometimes we need help in making that change or in figuring out our direction. Whether it be struggling with thoughts, feelings and behaviors; facing challenges in work, home, or relationships; or dealing with a life event, counseling can help to facilitate change to improve your life. My first priority is to gain an understanding of you & your situation in order for us to develop a supportive working relationship. I believe that each individual is unique & customize my therapy approach to address your specific needs. I have experience in working with individuals dealing with various types of anxiety, worry, fear, obsessions or compulsive behaviors.  I specialize in treating eating disorders and those with self-esteem challenges.  I have extensive training in these disorders and an understanding of the complexity that surrounds eating disorders and use various techniques to help improve both your physical and emotional health.

I take an active approach during sessions, often providing feedback & psychoeducation to develop awareness and promote change. My goal is to help you develop the necessary skills to manage various aspects of your life and promote self-growth to improve your mind, body, and soul. "


Lorraine Brancale - LP-LMHC  -  Associate Therapist - North Shore

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Congratulations on taking the brave first step towards treatment. I have experience working with clients of all ages with a specialty in children and adolescents. I have helped clients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, ODD, chronic school failure and autism, as well as a host of other mental health difficulties. I believe that therapy can be a helpful and life changing experience for any and all individuals. I work from a person-centered model, meaning you are in the driver’s seat and dictate the pace, content, and route of our sessions. I will guide you along the way and pull from many therapeutic frameworks such as psychodynamic theory, CBT, and humanistic theory. Clients describe me as a warm, relaxed, and empathetic therapist who is both a good listener and a helpful guide. Life is all about balance. While no one is without difficulties, I am here to help manage those difficulties that have begun to outweigh the happy parts of life. I will be able to help you or your child identify areas that are causing stress, anxiety, heartache, and pain and create a roadmap to a more fulfilled, happier, and healthier individual.




Dana Davino LMHC-LP -  Associate Therapist - South Shore


The time for change is now!  If you are reading this, then there is some area of your life that you are dissatisfied with. Get excited because together we can improve the quality of your life, identify your strengths, develop healthy coping strategies, and help you overcome obstacles.

Specific to Working with Children:

My clinical training combined with years working with children in schools, provide me with insight and effective strategies for children, adolescent and families struggling with behavioral, emotional and academic issues.  Together we can support your child through difficult transitions such as Divorce, the loss of a loved one, adjusting to new situations.  In a child-friendly environment, I work with families to improve behavior, cooperation, communication, relationships within the family to promote emotional health and overall happiness.

Specific to Working with Couples:

I believe couples do not fall apart because of lack of love.  Couples fall apart due lack of intimacy, the inability to communicate effectively and years of built up frustration and resentment.  They get caught in this cycle and "go through the motions" exhausted and unfulfilled. I teach couples how to listen to the needs of their partners, make each other feel respected and supported, identify their personal strengths, work together effectively, reconnect as lovers and put the "juice" back into their relationship.

My personal experience and extensive clinical training in Strategic Intervention has empowered me with the knowledge and skills to make maximum impact in minimal time, because the quality of your life depends on it!

Denise Flores LMHC-LP -  Associate Therapist - North and South Shore




"Ting " is the Chinese word for listening to someone with your undivided attention. Have you been thinking about starting therapy but are nervous about what to expect ? Give it a chance and come into a safe and nonjudgemental environment. Together, we can address any concerns,worries, or difficulties in your life and set goals so that you feel happier and healthier. I have experience speaking with clients of all ages with a focus on the adolescent population. Let's figure out what approach is right for you and take it from there.


GraceMarie Scarmato M.S.ED, MHC-LP- Associate Therapist, South and North Shore


As a counselor I understand that it may be difficult at times to come in and share your story. I make it a priority to make my clients feel that they are in a warm and trusting environment free from judgement. Each individual is different and experiences things in a unique way. I want to help lift people who are falling, help restore the broken, and heal the people who are hurting by incorporating various techniques such as play, music, and art therapy. I also have experience working with substance abuse, anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement, and self esteem. I look forward to guiding you through this journey.



Alexa Priola , MSW- LP , Associate Therapist - South Shore


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." - Karl Jung

My practice revolves around active listening, empathy, helping you to become aware of your dignity and worth as a person as well as providing a safe haven for you. My goal is for you to feel comfortable in our sessions and meet you where you are. You will be the creator of your own treatment plan and we will work together to reach your own personal goals. Feeling comfortable with your therapist is one of the most important aspects whilst attending therapy. The relationship that will be built between you and I will help aid in achieving where you would like to be in this process.

I do not use just one therapeutic intervention; i incorporate many different techniques  in my practice to "tailor fit" your needs. I believe that each and every individual has their own needs and using just  one therapeutic approach would not work.  You and I will work together to create a technique that best fits you. Understanding your thoughts and feelings as well as learning ways to better manage them is one way we will can work together. I can help you identify the root cause you are going through and feeling.

My educational background and experience has prepared me to work with all populations. However, clinically I have an extensive background of working with those with mental illness. My specialty is working with those with major depressive disorder, panic disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

This is the beginning of your new journey and you should be proud of yourself. I am here to help guide you in your journey, but you are the one paving the way!